Monday, February 07, 2011

The Interdependent Artists of India

'Pratyayin' is a community that I'm quite excited about. I thought up this little community in 2010 after attending a conference on global interdependence in Berlin that talked about social, political, economic and cultural interdependence between the nations of the world. I began to think about how wonderful it would be to have an interdependent community of dancers. But it soon became clear to me that the community couldn't and shouldn't exclude other disciplines within art. The whole idea of this community, in my mind, was about inclusion. The intention was to build a strong collaborative community of artists who are excited by the idea of creating new and different works of art through the exchange of ideas and through collaborations, and who are keen on breaking boundaries, demolishing dichotomies and standing up to those who resist change and progress in the arts. With some enthusiasm and encouragement from fellow artists and friends, my interdependent community is becoming a reality. 

The community started out very small but it is growing. So far on board are - 

Abantee Dutta, Dancer/Researcher, Gati, New Delhi
Abhik B, Founder, 'Dear Imagination', Bombay
Abhishek Singh, Musician, Ranchi
Ananth Menon, Musician (Galeej Gurus/Parachute XVI), Bangalore
Anirudh Voleti, Artist Manager/Booking Agent/Tour Manager, New Delhi
Anupam Roy, Music Production (Grey Studios), New Delhi
Anusha Lall, Dancer/Founder, Gati Forum Trust, New Delhi
Aranyani Bhargav, Dancer (Bharatanatyam/Contemporary), New Delhi/Bangalore
Archana Kathpalia, Dhindora (PR Agency), Bangalore
Ashwini Bhat, Potter/Sculptor, Pondicherry
Avinash Subramaniam, Writer, Madras
Bina Shah, Architect, Bombay
Bertha Bermudez, Dancer (Contemporary), Amsterdam
Binoy Joseph, Creative Director, Radio City, Bangalore
Dhritiman Deb Pillai, Designer (Ek Saat Studio), New Delhi
Diya Sen, Dancer (Odissi), New Delhi
Ganesh Krishnaswamy, Musician (Parachute XVI/ Bevar Sea), Bangalore
Gurudarshan Somayaji, Drummer, Live Music Consultant, Bangalore
Hari Adivarekar, Photographer, Bangalore
Himani Khurana, Dancer/Choreographer, New Delhi
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, Writer/ Musician (Bevar Sea), Bangalore
Jayashree Singh, Musician (Skinny Alley/PINKNOISE), Calcutta
Karthik Basker, Musician (The Bicycle Days), Bangalore
Mandakini Menon, Filmmaker/Illustrator, New Delhi/Bombay
Manish Pole, Director, Total Yoga, Pune
Manola Gayatri Kumaraswamy, Dancer (Contemporary/Odissi), Bangalore
Matthew Harris, Musician (Galeej Gurus), Bangalore
Mehneer Sudan, Dancer (Contemporary), Bombay/New Delhi
Mili Nair, Singer, Madras
Namrta Dhar, Theatre Actor/Playwright/Director, Bangalore
Nidhi Mariam Jacob, Artist/Painter/Graphic designer, Bangalore
Parikshit Rao, Photographer, Bombay
Pratik Prabhakar, Artist (Contemporary Mithila Art), Madhubani
Radha Pandey, Designer and Book Binder, New Delhi
Ranjana Dave, Dancer (Odissi), Bombay
Samira Gupta, Desginer Ek Saat Studio), New Delhi
Sandeep Rajan, Writer/Film maker, Madras
Sandeep Srivastav, Indus Live Arts/Musician (Green Ragas), New Delhi
Soraya Franco, Artistic Dancer/ Dance Therapist, New Delhi
Srikanth Panaman, Musician (Bevar Sea), Bangalore
Sujith Shanker, Theatre Actor, National School of Drama, New Delhi
Sunil Baindur, Graphic Designer/Painter, Bangalore
Tarit Pal, Musician, New Delhi
Thermal and a Quarter (Band), Bangalore
Viven Batavia, Performing Arts Photographer, Bangalore
Yashaswini Raghunathan, Film maker, Bangalore
Yasmin Sethi, Product Designer, New Delhi

I just wanted to splash out this bit of information onto my blog in case anyone wants to be involved in 'Pratyayin' either as a participant in collaborations, or by supporting our projects through funding. I can say more and more safely each day, that it'll be an exciting venture! :)

Get Involved!

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